Our Mud-Slinging Media

In an opinion piece on the Guardian website, Jack Bernhardt accuses Boris Johnson of being a racist and calls him a sentient sack of potatoes, stating, "Yes, this is yet another article where someone expresses outrage about the putrid racist nonsense that that red-faced goon spewed out, like so many gallons of port in a Bullingdon Club vomitorium."

I cannot identify any substantial difference between the hatred that leads to racism and the hatred that leads a person to write such words about another human being. The Guardian really has become nothing more than a Daily Mail for middle class, slightly left of centre liberals. I am as uncomfortable reading it as I would be sitting in the audience at a Roy "Chubby" Brown performance.

It is perfectly possible, easy even, to attack another person's opinion and actions without descending to the rhetorical cesspit of ad hominem attack.

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