The Great Saint Laika Summertime Appeal 2018 UPDATE

Thanks to my new bestest friends, James, Rebecca, Jacilyn, Hugh, David and Penelope, my Summer appeal this year has already raised a staggering four hundred and twenty-six pounds and sixty-two pence ($571.92). This is just great. Thank you all so very much.

I receive no salary or funding other than the donations I receive from generous friends who regularly contribute towards my ministry. I receive about five hundred pounds a month which is just about enough to provide me with the essentials of life. Unfortunately, it does not pay for any larger bills that come along and so, twice a year, at Christmas and in June (my birthday month) I run a special appeal to try and raise the cash for such extra expenses.

This year I need to raise money for a new set of partial dentures (the NHS does not pay for all dental work) and for a camping holiday in the Lake District during which my wife and myself will celebrate our thirtieth wedding anniversary. Any monies I receive that take the total over the cost of these two things will go towards the cost of the Saint Laika website.

If you decide to send a bit of cash my way you can do so via one of the PayPal widgets below. There is one for payment in American dollars and one for payment in British pounds. I do not mind in the slightest what currency your generosity manifests itself in. Also, you do not need a PayPal account to make your donation through PayPal, just a debit or credit card.



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