To Forgive Or Not To Forgive – What Is The Answer?

I have been reading a lot about forgiving enemies today, especially over at Saint Laika's. I do get the Christian take on this and, intellectually, I understand the reasons behind it, both theological and psychological. However, I do have a question. What would be the current state of human rights throughout the world today if there had been no unforgiving people around to kick ass for the underdog? Could we have progressed with just the Gandhis, Christs and Tutus of the world or were the Guevaras, Tatchells and Greers an absolute necessity on our road to enlightenment? Of course, as someone who has been given the gift of being unable to forgive (even though I realise it will damn me in the end), I hope the answer turns out to be the latter. But I could be wrong on this one as I am so personally involved.

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