One In Christ

There are, no doubt, lots of good, logistical reasons why campaigning groups should set up well-defined parameters around their memberships so that those on the inside feel distinct from those on the outside. Human beings are an inherently confrontational species. People understand the concept of two factions sorting out differences of opinion through warfare far more easily than they understand the idea of people getting together as one, undivided group to discuss a problem that needs to be solved.

However, the fact remains that, from a Christian point of view, there is no us and them. Our primary connection to each other is our personhood, not our race or gender or anything else that we foolishly cling to in order to feel different (superior) to others. In fact, many of our subdivisions are without substance and are based on magical thinking. For example, a woman who has never been a victim of domestic abuse is no more (or less) connected to a woman who has been the victim of domestic abuse than any man who has not been the victim of domestic abuse. That all women are connected by a universal sisterhood under the motto "You can never know how it feels" is a construct of human design, not a reality.

Furthermore, such arbitrary factions are not only a falsity they are also counterproductive in the long run and, very much, not of the kingdom of God, in which there are supposed to be no such distinctions between us other than on a purely cosmetic level. We are one in Christ, for heaven's sake. All people should feel fully connected to each other, part of one human family so that we feel fully responsible for the welfare of everyone, not just the faction we have been deliberately or accidentally assigned to. This is not just good theology it is also good psychology. Exclusion does not foster good feeling whilst inclusion does. For this reason, the idea of our personhood being our only true communal identity is one that is as applicable in the secular world as it is within faith communities.

It is time for us let go of all the tribalism.

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