Free From Debt

I was not expecting to be sacked by a bishop of the Church of England back in May 2010. I had assumed that, as long as I followed the rules, I would have a job until I retired. What I had not realised was that suffering from clinical depression was against the rules. So, I was not prepared for my sudden descent into poverty; like most people I had debts (credit card and an overdraft); nothing huge but enough to have debt collectors bugging me for repayment for the last seven years. It's not nice dreading the postman's call and being scared to answer the phone.

However, all that is now over. Today I paid off the last of my debts and it's a great feeling.

I will never get credit again and I am stuck with a bank account that allows me to do nothing but spend the cash that is in it, but I am, actually happy about that. Not being able to borrow money is a foolproof way of never getting into debt. The system may think it is punishing me. I think they are helping me to be a better Christian (and, honestly, I need all the help I can get).


Free From Debt — 1 Comment

  1. He who has begun a good thing will complete it. He whose gracious provision has freed you from debt will move on toward perfect healing.