Saint Laika Summer Appeal 2017 Update

The biggest thank you imaginable to Rebecca, Bindy, Florence, Hugh, Michael, Beth, Karen, Jonathan, Jim, Penelope, Richard, Edwin, William, James, Harriet, Mary, Christine, Jenny, Noel, David, Tim, Kathleen and Ellie, whose generosity has propelled the total so far raised in this year's summer appeal to a staggering eight hundred and forty-four pounds and thirty-one pence.

£844.31 ( $1099.38 )

Thank you so much.

I am off on holiday with Mrs MP tomorrow (camping near Tavistock in Devon). I will keep the appeal up and running for the two weeks I am away so that anybody wanting to contribute to our ice cream fund can do so (please note, monies sent in may also be squandered on beer, gin and tonic and large plates of fish and chips).

You can send money using one of the two PayPal widgets below. You do not need a PayPal account in order to send money.

If donating in American dollars please use this widget.

If donating in British pounds please use this widget.

Here's the blurb:

I receive no salary, no stipend, no pension, no dole and no welfare support. I pay for my online ministry, my food, my clothes and my dentistry, as well as other bare necessities of life, out of the money I receive each month from my friends and from supporters of my vocation. Their incredible generosity (in total just over £500 per month) is adequate for my day to day survival but it does not cover the extras in life that can pop up out of the blue. Therefore, twice a year (before Christmas and before my birthday in June) I run a special campaign to try and raise a substantial lump sum of money to pay the bigger bills that come my way. This year I would love to raise the cash to buy a new desk top computer as my previous one completely and irreparably gave up the ghost last Autumn and I have been struggling to run the show on a very slow laptop ever since. I would also like to raise some spending money for a proper holiday for my wife and myself in July. We hope to go camping on Dartmoor in Devon.

I have aimed to raise £1000 with each appeal for years and we have never quite made it. It would be great to do so this time. In fact, it would be lovely if we surpassed it.

So, please support me and independent Christian ministry on the internet by making a donation. In return I offer you my love and gratitude and my promise that I will keep on praising God and kicking against the pricks.

God bless you, my friends.


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