The Mad Gangie Enter The Whangie

The Whangie is a geological fault, fifty feet deep and three hundred feet long, that cuts through the shoulder of Auchineden Hill in Scotland's Kilpatrick Hills. It was formed some years ago when the devil, who was holding a meeting with witches and warlocks on the nearby Campsie Fells, playfully whipped his tail across the summit of the hill.

On our previous walk, our youngest dog, Eadric, disgraced himself (as already reported) by rolling in foxy doo doo. On this walk, just below the summit of Auchineden Hill, our other boy dog, Quiz, deliberately jumped in a stinking bog and covered himself with sticky black mud. Eadric, decided this must be great fun and jumped in after him. All this necessitated a compulsory plunge in Loch Lomond for the two of them on the way back to our campsite. They enjoyed this just as much but they did not like being tied up outside of the caravan all evening whilst they dried off. I could have strangled the both of them. Mrs MP thought it was funny.

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