Lo-Fi Wi-Fi

Annoyingly, I am a victim of, if not exactly an alternative fact, then certainly a lack of fullness of truth. The campsite we are staying on this miserable Easter weekend proudly advertised the availability of wifi on its webpage. It turns out that it has wifi in the same way the stable behind the inn in Bethlehem was fully ensuite. It just about copes with a basic webpage but it is completely incapable of handling the uploading of an audio file. So, having spent days putting together the Saint Laika Easter liturgy I cannot make it available on the day it is intended for. I will upload it when I get home tomorrow afternoon but by then everyone will have done the resurrection to satiation and won't be inclined to listen to the fruits of my labours. What a waste of time and money!


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  1. “everyone will have done the resurrection to satiation”


    It’s still Bright Week (aka “the Octave of…”), nevermind the Glorious 50 Days! [i.e., we’ll still love your liturgy when it’s ready, MP]