I Hate Plumbers

Our water tank in the loft needs replacing. I am having a hell of a job finding a plumber to do it. I leave messages on their answerphones (they don't ever answer) and they just don't call back. Today I called one company (Area Maintenance Plumbers & Electricians) who were recommended on the Checkatrade website. Somebody actually answered. I told them what I wanted and asked them to give me a quote for the work. I was told they would charge me £35.00 for the estimate. I asked why and the man replied that sometimes they gave a quote and then they did not get the job. D'oh!

On this basis of doing business it would cost me £70.00 to get just two estimates (and how else would I know if I was being ripped off?) and I doubt that the work will end up costing more than a couple of hundred pounds or so.

I am having real problems with the modern world.

Perhaps I should rob a bank. If I get away with it I could buy an island with the money and hide away on it. If I fail I could hide in my prison cell and let the nice prison authorities sort out any building maintenance that needs doing.

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