Saint Laika Advent Appeal 2016 Update

Even though I have been unable to post hardly anything for nearly a week due to being more than a bit under the weather, you all have continued to boost my Advent Appeal coffers without any encouragement from me and we have now reached a staggering total of...

£792.00 ( $984.00 )

I am completely gobsmacked. A huge, big thank you to all who have contributed towards this truly excellent achievement.

The donations I receive from the friends of Saint Laika's are my only source of income and the work I do at Saint Laika's is my main priestly vocation (to be honest, it's pretty much my only priestly vocation as I rarely get to preside in a church nowadays). In order to keep my head above water and my ministry available to all free of charge I have to run two appeals every year and this is the second of them.

We still have a way to go if we are to reach out target of £1000.00. So please, if you are able and inclined to make a donation, no matter what the amount, please do so by clicking on the PayPal widget below.

You do not need your own PayPal account in order to donate.

Thank you.

I love you. God loves you.

This cute puppy loves you.

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