The Public Face ( Only ) Of The Church Of England

From The Guardian:

Jeremy Pemberton, a former Church of England hospital chaplain, has lost his claim that he was discriminated against when his licence to work was withdrawn after he married his same-sex partner, in a case that gay rights campaigners hoped would force the church to change its stance. The employment appeal tribunal judge, Jennifer Eady, said in her ruling that the state could not impose same-sex marriage on the church.

According to the ruling, Pemberton “was aware his marriage would be seen in conflict with the teachings of the church (even if he did not accept the characterisation of those teachings as doctrine) and he would thus be viewed as not in ‘good standing’, as would be understood within the Church of England”.

It added that parliament had permitted a specific exemption to the church on discrimination claims of this nature.

In a statement after Wednesday’s decision, Pemberton said, “The result is, obviously, not the one my husband and I had hoped for. I appreciate that this case was a source of hope for many people and I am grateful that the judge has recognised its significance and indicated that its importance warrants permission to appeal to the court of appeal."

I wonder what would happen if I outed all the priests that I know who are in same sex marriages with the full knowledge of their bishops.

I tell you what would happen.

Non-churchgoers would find out what a hypocritical bunch of cowards our house of bishops actually is.

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