Money ( For Me ) For Nothing ( From You )

As those of you who have been paying attention will already know, my trusty old desktop computing machine (pictured below) has given up the ghost. Everything was backed up on my Sanyo portable cassette recorder and I will be able to limp on with my internet ministry using the household laptop. Unfortunately, the hard drive on the laptop cannot cope with the programmes and information I need to do my job properly. It just does not have enough available space on it. Therefore, it is my intention to replace the desktop as soon as possible.

I know from past experience that if I ask my friends for financial help they will offer it immediately. I am sure that if I did so in this instance I would have a new computer by the end of next week at the latest. But I do not want to go down this road in this instance. I already have two major appeals each year and I do not want to presume on you all anymore than that.

However, there is a way that we can raise the necessary cash without it costing any of us anything. I have been an Amazon agent for a number of years and I was supplementing my income with it very nicely at one point (earning about one hundred dollars a month). This has dropped off considerably recently (to about one hundred dollars every six months) but, I am sure, that with a concerted effort from my friends, we could get my commission back up to what it was, if not a lot higher (especially with Christmas just round the Autumnal corner).

All you have to do is buy your Amazon products via my Amazon portal. The widget that you must use to do this can be found on the webpage you will be taken to if you CLICK HERE:

Read the instructions you find there, carefully and please bookmark the page so that you remember to buy your Amazon goodies through my Amazon shop every time you are tempted by the earthly treasures that are for sale there.




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