Hagger On Health

Jeremy Hunt's has announced that the government intends to increase the number of English doctors in England by twenty-five percent by increasing the number of students in our medical schools accordingly.

I had not realised that there was a cap on places but it is true. Consecutive governments have been turning away thousands of good, English applicants to our medical schools each year and, instead, importing doctors trained abroad to staff our health service for the obvious and simple reason that it is a lot cheaper to steal doctors than pay for their training.

It is stealing. More than that it is disgustingly immoral.

Those in favour of unrestricted immigration claim the moral high ground but such open door policies are destroying other societies. People in India are dying because we are luring their healthcare workers away from their own people to be cheap labour (insomuch that we did not pay out two hundred thousand pounds each for their training) in our health service.

Personally I would love it if there were no foreign workers in our key occupations other than those in official exchange programmes. I believe that we should accept an inferior health service rather than accept that poor people in other countries must suffer so that we can have the health service we desire.


Four years is not long enough. If it costs English taxpayers two hundred thousand pounds to train each new doctor I think doctors should be made to work in the UK for twenty years after they have qualified before they can emigrate to earn more money. If I was in charge (which I really ought to be) I would reduce the amount to be paid back by ten thousand pounds a year for the twenty years. That would seem fair. Heck, it's not like we are going to make them work in Alaska.

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