The Middle Class Is The Real Enemy Of The Poor

The middle class is the problem and it could, if it actually practiced what so many of its members preach, be the solution.

In England, doctors and teachers, for example, are always taking industrial action for one thing or another of concern to themselves and they usually win. Of course, their win means that their low paid support staff (cleaners, staffroom assistants etc) have to stay on low wages longer because all the spare money has been given to the middle class "professionals" even though, compared to the low waged, they are already on a decent enough whack. The rich may be heartless bastards but at least they are not hypocrites. 

To be part of the solution the professions should stop asking for more for themselves and start using their clout and skills to ask for more for the poor. Only after the poor are no longer poor should the reasonably well off return to trying to increase their own standard of living.

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