The MadGang Go To Haddo House

Scotland is a far better place to be a dog than England. This is due to the fact that the wonderfully enlightened Scottish laws regarding access to the countryside apply equally to dogs as to humans as long as they are "under close control." The custodians of the state surrounding Haddo House have not only fully embraced the principle of universal access to their property they have gone the extra mile by providing particularly dog friendly spaces and even building a permanent agility course for dogs to play on without any cost to their human companions. So, top marks from the MadGang go to the owners of the Haddo House estate.

The obelisk, which is the subject of a couple of the following photographs, is a Battle of Waterloo memorial.

The long, narrow, red brick building is a pheasantry. Sadly, when we visited it the pheasant plucker wasn't in and nor was his son.

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