Passing Thoughts Of A Mad Priest

I'm definitely hoping that Michael Gove wins the Conservative leadership election. It would pretty much guarantee a Labour government after the next general election.


I think this anger and fear has very little to do with immigration and commonality. I think that everyone is so scared of becoming poorer that we are defending an indefensible system and allowing some very greedy, evil people to control the world.

I wish we could burn it all down and start again but what will happen is that the moneymen will take control again.


I honestly cannot think of one politician in the UK who is capable of rising to the challenge of leading a political party, let alone a nation. If we could somehow combine Boris Johnson's political skills and crowd pleasing gifts with Jeremy Corbyn's ideology and integrity we might end up with one decent statesman who would pull us together and lead us forward.


In the box where you have to state which country you are from I'm now just typing in "Kingdom."

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