Boris Johnson – A Case Of Au Revoir Not Goodbye

I'm an unreconstructed socialist but I've never been one for towing any party line. Not only do I recognise talent when I see it but I'm not afraid to give it its due even when the rest of the neighbourhood is set on vilifying it simply because it is not being used for the propagation of a left wing agenda.

I could never understand why so many people were comparing Boris Johnson to Donald Trump as the two are wider apart in intelligence than the ocean that separates them. Trump just says what comes into his head at any given moment whilst Johnson is fully in charge of what comes out of his mouth even (especially) his clownish remarks. Trump is a chancer whilst Johnson is extremely calculating behind the haphazard, buffoonish facade.

I was very impressed with the way he led the Leave campaign especially the way he was never riled by the insults thrown at him in debates and by the media. I am even more impressed by the nous he has shown by reading the signs and announcing that he will not be standing as a candidate for the job of leader of the Conservative Party and next prime minister of the UK. I think it is unlikely that he would have won, bearing in mind how many tory MPs voted to remain in the EU, and, even if he had done, the job would have probably finished his political career as it will the career of whoever wins. As it now stands he remains a winner and popular with a large section of the electorate.

We have not seen the last of Boris Johnson and I am sure he is still determined to be prime minister one day. Love him or hate him I have a feeling that he will be good at that job.

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