Always Look On The Bright Side Of A Referendum

Heres an idea. Now that the UK has decided to close the door on the hundreds of thousands of economic migrants from the EU that come here every year we are in the position of offering sanctuary to a lot more bona fide refugees from around the world. I may be wrong but I think that David Cameron offered refugee status to a mere two thousand Syrian refugees which is more than a bit embarrassing. Fifty thousand refugees would be about a quarter of the number of economic migrants that have been entering the UK every year. We could easily manage that number especially as most of the refugees would hope to return to their homelands eventually. We would feel good about ourselves and not so fearful for our jobs.

Of course, persuading the government to do something so altruistic would be a challenge but I think our bleeding heart liberals are up to it. It would give them something to do apart from complaining about how evil our ungrateful working class is and it might even cheer them up. They are always happiest when they have got a cause to fight for.

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