The Working Class Of England Was Not Born Yesterday

The working classes don’t really care about how being a member of the European Union benefits the economy because they get so little of the benefit. In or out, they know they are going to end up screwed. It has been this way since Margaret Thatcher cut their balls off. Therefore, the number one issue for the working class is immigration; the effect mass migration into the U.K. has on jobs, wages, the housing stock, public services and culture.

It is no good quoting statistics at them designed to show immigration to be a good thing, because the working class has formed its opinion on what they have experienced and what they have seen and, as they are the people who tend to be at ground zero rather than in some nice des res somewhere in the rural outback, they are probably the most reliable witnesses to the actual state of things. Also, they are not going to be persuaded to vote to remain in Europe by the claim that there is nothing that can be done to stop unrestricted immigration, whether we are in or out. Again, working class people live in the real world, they know that if you lock your front door nobody is going to walk through it.

If politicians want to converse with us then they have to talk our language and not insult us by implying that we are too stupid to understand the situation. The seasoned, socialist campaigner, Dennis Skinner knows this and that is more than likely why he is now backing the Leave option. I have a feeling that Jeremy Corbyn knows it just as well and that is why he is being so unenthusiastic about supporting the Remain campaign. My guess is that the Labour left is quietly hoping that we vote to leave Europe. Then they will allow the right wing of the Conservative party, who will oust Cameron and his supporters, to upset everybody in the UK except the privileged and stinking rich, at which point they will sweep to power at the next general election. Without the encumbrance of EU free trade restrictions they will then be able to renationalise public assets and tax to the hilt the superrich.

Of course, I could be wrong.

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