To Brexit Or Not To Brexit? What The Heck Is The Answer?

I realise that, once again, I am kicking against the pricks of right-on party policy but the thing is, I am still undecided as to whether to vote to stay in the Common Market or to vote to leave it. I know the reason for this. I need information before I make a decision and I just don't have enough information in respect of the pros and cons of EU membership. Oh, I know what the leaders of business, bankers and politicians think. Overwhelmingly it would appear that those who have the most power and money in Britain want, very much, for the country to remain part of the EEC. This, in itself, makes me extremely suspicious. These people do not tend to think about the common good when making decisions; they are all about what is good for them and sod the rest.

What I would like to have is some information about how voting to stay in or voting to get out will affect the workers and less well off in my country. And I do not want to hear a whole load of garbage about trickle down economics. I want to know if the European Community is for the proletariat or against it.

Normally we would be able to rely on the BBC to give us impartial advice on such momentous issues. Unfortunately the powers that be at the BBC are petrified of upsetting the government by saying something David Cameron doesn't like (even if it is the truth). So, they are conspicuously taking a back seat on this one and are being about as much use as a condom in a convent.

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