The Liturgy Of Palm Sunday With Holy Communion


Holy Week is a journey but it is not one that we take alone. We are together as one people as the followers of Christ were one when they welcomed him into Jerusalem with cries of "Hosanna!" This gives us strength and we will need it because we are also one with Jesus Christ as he moves from being hailed as a king to being tried and crucified as if he was a common thief or murderer. Because of our togetherness with Christ we will be born anew with him on Easter morning. In this sacrament of holy communion we are with Christ and he is with us. His body and his blood, the bread and the wine, will give us the courage to remain with him, in body and spirit, as we walk together into the shadow of the cross and then beyond.

At Saint Laika's everyone is welcome to take communion and be in communion, with each other and with God. There are no exceptions. So, come, join us.

If you want to physically partake of communion you will require a small piece of bread and a small amount of drink (preferably made from grapes and containing alcohol). How you view the nature of this part of the service is completely up to you.

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