Blogging Bishop Berates Bad Mannered Church Of England

The Primus of the the original Episcopal Church, Bishop David Chillingsworth, is narked at the Church of England for acting as if his province of the Anglican Communion did not exist and negotiating a treaty with the presbyterian, Church of Scotland, whereby ministers of the C. of E. will be able to preside in C. of S. churches and vice versa.

It is an understandable response to the arrogance of the English hierarchy who have often in the past shown a preference for the iconoclastic Calvinists of the Church of Scotland rather than their true brothers and sisters in the Scottish Episcopal Church. However, fears that this new agreement will mean Church of England clergy choosing to take part in the Church of Scotland’s worship, rather than worshipping with Scotland’s own Anglican community are, I believe, unfounded. It is far more likely that Church of Scotland ministers will now be hammering on the doors of Kelvin Holdsworth et al’s bastions of true religion hoping, at long last, to experience some worship done properly.


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