Gay Envy

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Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan, a heterosexual couple from London who want to have a civil partnership rather than get married have lost a legal challenge in the High Court. They said they wanted to commit to each other in a civil partnership as it "focuses on equality" and did not carry the patriarchal history and associations of marriage.

Full story at the BBC.

I think they are being very silly and wasting their time and money on a principle without real substance. I also think they are being insulting towards the LGBT community, especially those who have fought long and hard to be allowed to get married (a fight that is ongoing to gain full parity with heterosexual couples).

Marriage is what you make it as is a civil partnership or any long term relationship between two people. If this couple think that entering into a civil partnership instead of getting married is going to make them more equal, or if they think the history of patriarchy in marriage will effect their marriage one way or another, then they are deluded.

This is not a serious issue of equality, it's petty.

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