Passing Thoughts Of A Mad Priest

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For all their talk about the end times, it is clear from their support of Donald Trump, that American evangelicals wouldn’t recognise the Anti-Christ if he came up to them, introduced himself and asked them to vote him into power for the next one thousand years.


Passing Thoughts Of A Mad Priest — 2 Comments

  1. In my experience, the evangelicals are not fans of Trump. Fundamentalists and “mad as hell” non-religious seem to be the biggest fans. Evangelicals are bigger fans of Cruz (Blerg!) and Rubio.

  2. Evangelicals vs Fundamentalists? ISTM to be a distinction w/o a difference in U.S. Protestantism, largely.

    Trump is exposing the reality (IMO), that conservative U.S. Christianity is LARGELY about whom one hates, and only secondarily about things like personal morality (see re chucking a wife for a mistress—and again!), and even the *barest* passing mention of Christianity (is Trump even on record saying the name “Jesus”, or would it that burn like holy water in his mouth?). Trump (and his sycophants) can pledge allegiance to “an eye for eye” w/o even the slightest self-consciousness that this was DIRECTLY CONTRADICTED by Jesus! (Matt 5:38)

    “Who needs Jesus when you have Lord Trump?” Anti-Christ, or just sociopathic narcissist? Yes.