Latte Day Saint

From News.Mic: Mormons haven’t gotten the best rap in recent years. Mitt Romney, the first serious Mormon candidate for president, went down to defeat, pilloried as a soulless plutocrat. The church’s vocal opposition to same-sex marriage set its followers at … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Name It And Claim It

Just when you start believing that Americans can’t get any crazier… From Christian Today: US prosperity preacher Creflo Dollar, who won notoriety after asking his followers for $65 million for a new top-of-the-range private jet, might get a major Atlanta … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Prove It !

Pope Francis has asked Christians of other traditions to forgive Catholics who have offended them in the past, and called on Catholics to offer the same in return. Fine words but he should put his money where his mouth is … [CLICK TO READ MORE]