The Parable Of The Two Blind Men

One day a blind scientist is out walking when he suddenly trips over an object on the path and falls to the ground. Dazed he feels around until he finds the offending object which he discovers is a brick. Further investigation reveals that the brick is about eight inches long by four inches wide and two and a half inches deep. Letters embossed onto the brick name the manufacturer as the London Brick Company.
Satisfied that he has learnt everything there is to know about the object the scientist gets up onto his feet, dusts himself off and continues on his way.
Ten minutes later a blind philosopher arrives at the same spot and he too trips over the brick and goes crashing to the ground. Like the scientist, he feels around until he touches the brick.
Then the philosopher stands up, lifts up his head and shouts at the sky, "Who's the fecking idiot who left a fecking house brick in the middle of the fecking path for anyone to trip over?!!!

( MadPriest )

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