Saint Laika Advent Appeal (Good News) Update

Advent Appeal 2015

( Nine Hundred and sixty-six dollars )

Yes, thanks to my good friends, Jonathan, Brian, Frank, Susanne, Hugh, Andy, Margaret, Michael, John, James, Tim, Michelle, Kathleen, Jennifer, Emma, Ellie, Lois, Bindy, (another) Tim, (another) Jennifer, Cheryle, David, Richard, Penny and Susan, this year's Advent Appeal total has risen to, what is by anyone's standards, a right decent amount.

But let's get it even higher. Our target this year is one thousand pounds and although there is now only two days to go until the end of the appeal I just know you all can do it if anybody can because you are that sort of people.

So, if you've done all your Christmas shopping and by some miracle you still have a bit of your hard earned cash left, please consider sending a donation to support my ministry via the PayPal widget below. You do not need a PayPal account to do so.

My online ministry is my only ministry and the regular donations of about five hundred pounds a month and my two special annual appeals (June and December) are my only income.

Thank you and one love.

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