Please Help Me Change The World ( If Only Just A Little )

Advent Appeal 2015

Thank you Jonathan, Brian, Frank, Susanne, Hugh, Andy, Margaret and Michael. You are, what we call around these parts, real bricks (British slang for a reliable person). You are responsible for pushing the amount raised so far in our Advent appeal to £175.00 ($265.41). This means that there is a mere £825.00 still to be raised to meet the target of £1000.00. No problem, I am sure.

However, just in case I am being overly optimistic, here is some emotional blackmail to galvinise you into acts of major league generosity.

I have already spent the money raised so far. The renewal of the Saint Laika website for a year cost just over seventy five pounds and a hundred pounds has paid for Christmas presents for all those I buy presents for including postage and packing.

Actually it paid for all I buy presents for bar person. The most important person. Mrs MP. My wife. At this precise moment in time I do not have enough money in my bank account to even buy her a small box of Ferrero Rocher, although if I was to buy her those particular chocolates she would probably divorce me as she hates them and the ambassador that goes with them. Every penny of the (approx.) five hundred pounds I usually receive in donations each month goes towards the cost of maintaining Saint Laika's and my basic living expenses. I run the Advent Appeal each year to raise the extra cash I need at this time of year to pay the big annual bills, have some Christmas cheer (which definitely includes cheering up Mrs MP with a decent present) and buy some new clothes for myself in the January sales. So please, if you possibly can, help my ministry limp on into another year by sending a monetary gift my way via the PayPal widget below. You do not need a PayPal account to do so.

For those of you who are not susceptible to being swayed into giving up your hard earned cash by blatant attempts at emotional blackmail here is a photograph of a kitten to get you feeling all lovey-dovey and generous. I didn't want to stoop this low but you made me.


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