Lollipop Ladies Are First Casualties Of Cameron’s War

Most of the people who are attacking our government's decision to start bombing ISIS in Syria are doing so from the moral high ground. I condemn it from the moral low ground. I was watching a news report on Look North this evening. Middlesborough Council are reducing the number of lollipop men and ladies (school crossing patrol officers) as part of its bid to reduce their spending to the ridiculously low levels set by the tory government. The first thought that springs into my mind is the question, "How many lollipop ladies or gentlemen could you employ each year for the cost of one Brimstone missile (£100 000), bearing in mind that the post is very much a part time one?"

Personally, I think that if Jeremy Corbyn had played the card of good, old fashioned, selfish socialism (looking out for the workers of the U.K. before everything else) rather than the high minded, intelligent reasoning he chose to employ, he would have stood a far better chance of getting his working class constituency on board in time for the rushed through vote.

Back when I was in the first year of infant school our lollipop man was called Mr. Letts. As he stood in the middle of the road with his sign and we crossed we would shout out, "Thank you, Mister Lettuce!" and think ourselves so clever.

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