Whatever You Do Don’t Mention The God

In England God is an embarrassment.

From "The Deseret News":

If you are a fan of the British drama "Downton Abbey," you have watched the Crawley family members enjoy many meals together, but have you ever noticed that the cameras always join the Crawleys halfway through their meal? Alastair Bruce, the show’s historical adviser, told The Telegraph that this is no coincidence and was the result of the show’s executives’ decision to “leave religion out of it.”

“In essence you hardly ever see a table that isn’t already sat at,” Bruce said. “We never see the beginning of a luncheon or a dinner because no one was ever allowed to see a grace being said, and I would never allow them to sit down without having said grace.”


Whatever You Do Don’t Mention The God — 1 Comment

  1. But if they’d shown grace, then they could have shown someone snarking about grace! Missed opportunity, DA.