Passing Thoughts Of A MadPriest

Watching BBC News 24 I am struck by a disparity between the commentary and the film. In the commentary the refugees are families with young children whilst in the films of the migrants that accompany the commentaries they appear to be comprised of mostly young, healthy men who are travelling without partners and children. There are women and children in some shots and the young men are definitely not averse to pushing them out of the way to get to the transport. When asked why they want to get to northern Europe their reply is usually based on what the northern European countries have to offer economically rather than on the danger they are supposedly fleeing. I would like to know what the actual (not politically expedient) percentage of males to females in this mass migration is. If the population that is entering Europe is predominantly male then there will be problems in the future, for the migrants as much as for the countries in which they want to make their home. But what worries me most is what is going to happen to the demographic they leave behind. If the healthiest, richest, best educated young males are leaving these countries governed by tyrants and terrorists who is going to risk their lives working to overthrow those who oppress them and who is going to care for all the women and children they must be leaving behind to fend for themselves?

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