Meet New MadGang Member, Edric (Also Known As Ed)





Eadric (Edric) the Wild (or Eadric Silvaticus), also known as Eadric Cild, was an Anglo-Saxon magnate of the West Midlands who led English resistance to the Norman Conquest, active in 1068-70. Like King Arthur, he is buried with his men beneath a hill somewhere waiting to return to life to save fayre Albion in its hour of need.

Photographs taken by Mrs MP on her iPhone.


Meet New MadGang Member, Edric (Also Known As Ed) — 2 Comments

  1. What do Delphi and Quiz think of their new pack member? I trust Mrs MP, with years of experience, will keep ALL the pack members in line! ;-p

    • Delphi is fine, she is just ignoring him. But Quiz is having problems accepting that he is small and too young to play his rough games so we are having to keep a close eye on him.