Ball Confesses To Crimes Covered Up By Carey


A retired Church of England bishop has admitted sexually abusing more than 20 young men decades after his victims first complained. Peter Ball pleaded guilty on Tuesday morning to two counts of indecent assault relating to two young men and one charge of misconduct in public office, which relates to the sexual abuse of 19 young men over a period of 15 years from 1977 to 1992. As a result of the guilty pleas the Crown (feels) a trial on the remaining charges (is) not required in the public interest.

Following (the) pleas, it can now be revealed how prosecutors and the police – with the knowledge of the then archbishop of Canterbury George Carey – allowed Ball to escape criminal charges when allegations against him first arose 22 years ago. When victims came forward in 1993 to say they had been abused, a flurry of conversations were held between police, prosecutors and the church before it was decided to caution the bishop rather than charge him. This was despite what the CPS lawyers said was “sufficient admissible, substantial and reliable evidence” of indecent assault and gross indecency.

This is disgusting. His crimes, because of his standing in the catholic tradition of the Church of England, tarred Anglo-Catholicism in my country with a brush of suspicion that we may never recover from. Carey's "crime" in being part of the original cover up, shows him to be even more the bishop of straw that a lot of us suspected him of being.

None of this surprises me as it was happening at the same time as a certain archdeacon was having a quiet word with a certain training vicar I had reported for taking a teenage boy to a sauna to photograph him in the nude, rather than telling the police or even someone in higher authority in the Church about him. That certain vicar, an Anglo-Catholic under the alternative oversight of the Flying Bishop of Beverley, is still in post. Me, on the other hand, I had a nervous breakdown because of the experience and ended up being sacked from my vocation because my then bishop believed a person who had suffered from depression should never be allowed to be a parish priest again. I am still frozen out of the Church, nobody is prepared to help me recover my God-given vocation let alone apologise for what the Church did to me and my wife (who pretty much lost her faith because of the way the Church treated me and has vowed never to enter a church ever again). I suspect this sweeping of my case under the carpet has a lot to do with the fact that to help me would be to admit previous episcopal sins and that appears, as Ball's original escape from due justice proves, to be something the Church of England hierarchy avoids doing with more gusto and contrivance than even the Roman Catholic Church at its most craven can muster.


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  1. I have no words. I have to…I WANT to believe that God strengthens us to FIGHT ON for justice, in this life, but also provides Final Justice for when human justice fails. I want to believe…