What This Labourer Deserves He Does Not Get

Over the last four years, with the help of my friends, I have built up the Saint Laika ministry to the point at which, in the last week alone, our FACEBOOK page was visited by 17,987 people and liked by 65 people. One of our posts was liked by 1016 people. On top of this the Saint Laika Holy Communion Podcast was downloaded by 577 people.

Quite honestly, even though I say so myself, these are not bad figures for this day and age especially as I'm a bog standard liberal catholic who doesn't promise immense wealth or replacement kidneys to my congregation.

I should be celebrating but, unfortunately, my joy is dampened by the fact that I am having to survive on just four fifths of what I had to live on four years ago (£400 a month rather than £500). The donations to my ministry are my only source of income as my (now far distant in the past) history of depression has led to the Church of England turning its hierarchical back on me (I keep applying for jobs but I am invariably ignored). But rather than applying for welfare I continue to pursue my vocation by working on the internet as a priest and missionary, relying of my friends to support me enough to, at least, pay my internet costs and feed my wife and myself. Unfortunately, "natural wastage" means that I lose supporters almost every month and I am not replacing them, not even in part. I am finding it increasingly difficult to get through each month financially and the stress is making me tetchy to say the least.

Please, if you can do so and do not do so already, please consider making a donation, regular if possible, towards my ministry and do your bit for the propagation of sensible and intelligent Christianity on the internet. Below are two widgets. The first enables you to make a regular monthly donation and the second is for making a one off donation. You do not need your own PayPal account to send your gift.

Thank you for listening to my woes. I know I keep going on about them but they really are worrying me terribly at the moment.

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