Making Melody

If, like me, you love old timey, gospel music sung
with sincerity, then this free album is for you.

This is the blurb:

The call to sing is one of the most repeated commands in Holy Scripture. This collection of songs is another happy attempt to obey those commands. In the summer of 2015 about twenty of us gathered guitars, shakers, bells, harmonicas, drums, kazoos, our voices, and other toys and sat in a big circle to play some classics. I can guarantee you that we had more fun making this than you will have listening to it. One reason the racket was so glorious is that we really didn’t practice beforehand. So, you will definitely hear occasional discrepancies. Let’s just pretend it was intentional, like how Amish women always leave one mistake in every quilt to remind them that only God is perfect. Regardless, we hope you will sing along with us, and that these tunes will push you to worship and enjoy Jesus. Shalom!

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