From Father Jonathan:

My ministry as an ordained priest consists entirely of my work on the internet, in particular the Saint Laika website, the weekly podcasts and the Saint Laika FACEBOOK page. I pay the costs of my internet presence and support myself with the donations I receive each month from friends who support my work. This amounts to about £500 ($777) a month which is not much to live on considering that at least £70 a month is spent on the running costs of the Saint Laika project. Most of the money I receive comes from a wonderful group of people who donate a fixed sum of money each month by subscription. With just a couple of exceptions these people have been the same since Saint Laika's began even though I have appealed for new donors on many occasions.

My problem is that the inevitable is beginning to happen. For various reasons I am gradually losing sponsors and so the money I have to live on each month is decreasing even though the cost of living is going up. Last month was a particularly bad month. I lost £85 overall and I really need to recoup the loss from new sponsors if I, let alone Saint Laika's, is going to survive.

To put it simply, I need some new friends who are prepared to sponsor my work on a regular basis and provide me with a small stipend to live on. If you are prepared to help me in this way you can do so through the PayPal widget below. Just click on the arrows to decide how much you would like to contribute each month, click on SUBSCRIBE and then follow the instructions.

I really would be grateful if you would consider helping me as I'm getting very worried about the future of my ministry. Thank you, as they say, for listening.

If you cannot commit to a regular monthly donation but would like to send a stand alone gift please use the following widget.

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