Today’s Top Tip From Father MadPriest

You know those plastic stick things that people use to throw tennis balls for their dogs to chase? Well, I have invented a different use for them which will help to keep your neighbourhood clean and healthy. If you are walking your dog along the street and it poops on the sidewalk, just scoop up the smelly deposit in the bowl of your plastic ball thrower and then fling the poop as far as you can over the nearest fence or hedge. By doing this you will keep the pavement free from doggy doo doo and yourself free from annoying on the spot fines.


Today’s Top Tip From Father MadPriest — 1 Comment

  1. My brother does the same by carrying a trowel. [Kudos to Bailey, his Golden Retriever! The residents of LA’s Jewish Home for the Ageing benefitted from his therapeutic wagging-tail visit…]