Plight Of The Condor

I've just watched a documentary about the last, few remaining condors living in the Grand Canyon. The reason there are so few is because hunters shoot deer with lead shot and leave the carcasses where they drop. Condors then eat the dead deer, get lead poisoning and die. To combat this there are people dedicated to saving the last of the condors from this fate. They lure the condors into traps and then test their blood. If there is too much lead in their blood they give the birds blood transfusions. They also feed the condors with uncontaminated meat.

Not once did anyone mention the fact that the banning of killing animals with lead shot within the condor's territory (which is as nothing when compared with the sheer massiveness of the USA) would sort the problem out overnight and render human intervention unnecessary.

Honestly, I don't get it.


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  1. Guns Uber Alles (and Ammo is like unto Guns). This is ‘merka, MP. Things are different here.