Labour Pains

So, a new poll seems to say that the majority of the British electorate are not interested in anti-austerity policies and this is being put forward as yet another reason that Jeremy Corbyn should not be elected as leader of the Labour Party. Which raises questions, at least in my mind, such as should the leader of a political party be what the members of the party want or should the leader be what people who didn't vote for the party at the last election want? Is a political party about winning or about policies? Can there be an effective opposition if the opposition is only thinking about winning the next election? Those sort of questions.


Labour Pains — 1 Comment

  1. In 2008 (ratified in 2012), we Yanks voted for STIMULUS, not austerity. And I believe the U.S. economy is STRONGER than the European ones? I know anti-(U.S.)Americanism is 2nd nature for you Euro-types, but just to spite yourselves? SRSLY? *smh*