Jeremy Corbyn And The Return Of Real Politics

I am not surprised that Labour MPs are scared witless about the possibility of Jeremy Corbyn winning their leadership election. If he wins, one thing thing that will definitely happen is that politics in the U.K. will become interesting again, with real dialectical debate between participants who truly hate everything their opponents stand for. If the business of parliament is shaken out of its current, tedious blandness then people may well become interested in politics again, like they were in the 1970s and early 1980s. If they become interested in politics they will become interested in politicians and, more importantly, what politicians are doing in their name and with their money. This is the last thing career politicians want, absolutely the last thing. No wonder they are demonising Jeremy Corbyn at every opportunity as if he is the devil incarnate. They know the cushy, snoozing in the House of Commons' bar, life will be over if he ends up in charge and that they'll be expected to put some real effort into being Her Majesty's Opposition. Heaven forbid!

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