Passing Thoughts Of A Mad Priest

I watched a documentary on catch-up tonight about the settling of the great plains in the USA. There was a horrid and gruesome section all about the mass killing of the buffalo and the plains so white with their sun bleached bones that it looked like they were covered in snow from horizon to horizon. Sixty million beasts slaughtered leaving less than a thousand and all within just a few years. It made me think of a single lion and all the righteousness going down over his death. How soon we forget, us hypocrites.


Passing Thoughts Of A Mad Priest — 2 Comments

  1. We also had to get rid of those pesky Native Americans, and the key to doing that was to eliminate the buffalo, which were the source of most of the plains Indians’ food, clothing, shelter, even fuel for cooking fires. Once the buffalo had been killed off, most Indians had no choice but to go onto the reservations.