Blairites Show Their Fangs
Can Plucky Jeremy Survive Their Venom?

Champagne socialism's Queen of Hate, Poly Toynbee has been on the BBC News Channel today being a right bitch about Jeremy Corbyn. Evidently, the Blairites have decided that should Corbyn be elected as the Labour Party's new leader, the Labour MPs will refuse to work with him.

So, having been democratically elected to Parliament, a whole swathe of Labour members are going to kick democracy in the teeth by refusing to accept a democratically elected leader. Quite honestly, I don't see how democracy could ever be regarded as safe in the hands of such people and they should never be allowed to wield power as Her Majesty's Government. I could envisage them doing all sorts of tyrannical things, like going to war against the wishes of the country and spinning lies to support their unpopular pugilism.

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