Pluto Is A Feminist Issue

Here in England there has been a lot of female anger and male excuse making in the scientific community following Sir Tim Hunt's public belittling of his female colleagues:

"Let me tell you about my trouble with girls. Three things happen when they are in the lab: you fall in love with them, they fall in love with you, and when you criticise them they cry."

The real injustice is that this far from scientific view of women in science works itself out in an actual and entrenched prejudice against women in science based places of work and academia. It is also a symptom of the overwhelmingly male centred ethos of the scientific community throughout the world. This chauvinistic zeitgeist rears it's ugly head in some unexpected places. For example, the New Horizons space craft has just flown past Pluto which was the ninth planet from the Sun when the mission lifted off almost a decade ago. Now it is a mere planet of restricted growth because of an arbitrary decision made by a bunch of, mostly male, unaccountable (to the public) scientists, just a few months after the launch, who had appointed themselves as they who must be obeyed in all things celestial.

In the light of the revelations of sexism and inequality between the sexes following Sir Tim (nice but dim) Hunt's decidedly non-PC ejaculation, it is interesting to note the reason for Pluto's demotion to the not quite a planet stakes. Basically, the only substantial difference between Pluto and the planets not yet relegated by the scientific community's ministry of propaganda, and, therefore, the main reason reason given for its relegation to comparative obscurity, is that Pluto doesn't "dominate" it's locality in space.

I ask you, can there be a more testosterone driven, chauvinistic reason for the big boys' decision? Pluto is now an outcast dwarf, an outsized asteroid, because it is not a bully. It is apparently, according to the man, not man enough to be called a real planet.

I'm telling you, until Pluto is given back its equal place among the planets of our solar system there is not a snowflake's chance on the sun-facing side of Mercury of women getting an equal place with their male co-workers in the male dominated laboratories of the world.

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