Passing Thoughts Of A Mad Priest

The human race is investing a huge amount of time, money, creativity and imagination into its search for extra-terrestial life. If the fossil of a long extinct microbe was discovered in the dust of Mars it would be all over the media for weeks and there would be great and smug rejoicing among the world's scientists. Yet we share our planet, not only with very much alive microbes but also with life other than ourselves with real intelligence that would blow our minds if we encountered it on another planet but which we appear in our actions towards it to regard as commonplace and worthless. Tragically, it is the most intelligent of these non-alien lifeforms that we are in the most danger of wiping off the face of our planet. With such an abysmal record on our own patch we should have our spaceship licence taken off us as we are obviously a real danger to other universe users.


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