Passing Thoughts Of A Mad Priest (On Vacation)

Gentlemen. It may be twenty eight degrees centigrade in the shade and we may be on a camping holiday. But we are also English which means we do not take our shirts off unless we are taking a bath. So please, unless you want to be confused with a Scottish person, do the civilised thing and cover up!


Passing Thoughts Of A Mad Priest (On Vacation) — 4 Comments

  1. Ah, but are they pretty men? If so, they should be admired as God’s handiwork and thanks given to God.

  2. Ye gods, MP, THANK YOU. I was watching the S3 premiere of “Last Tango in Halifax” tonight (yes, I’ve been warned where this season goes. Bastards). While I was trying to concentrate on what dear Gillian was saying (in a pillow talk segment), there was a mountain of Robbie’s hairy moob right in the camera *foreground*. For the love of Gaia and the Isle of Lesbos, cover that thing up! }-X