Bible Bashers Bash Bishop Alan Wilson

I understand that a couple of bible worshippers, so far removed in their beliefs from the average Church of England member that they could be sued under the Trade Descriptions Act for calling themselves Anglican, are calling for that nice Bishop Alan Wilson to take off his pointy hat and resign. They say, or at least one of them says, that as the Bishop of Buckingham is at odds with the rest of his colleagues over such matters as whether the Christian God is a god of love or not (he favours the former) he should do the decent thing and walk off in a strop like they would do if they didn't get their own way all the while.

Well, I have a better idea. I think Bishop Alan should stay and the rest of them should resign and they won't need to close the door on the way out because there are all sorts of wonderful, interesting and, above all, loving people who will want to come in as soon as the haters have left the building.

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