Father Jonathan’s Big Ask Big Update


If you walked passed any of these people on the street you would, more than likely, take them to be ordinary, bog standard, run of the mill human beings, nothing special, just like all the rest. But you would be wrong and big time, because the people on the above list are nothing less than angels - SAINT LAIKA ANGELS. They have done something very special indeed. Each one of them, out of charity and the overflowing kindness of their heart, has donated some of their hard earned cash to the Saint Laika Summer Fundraiser 2015 and, in so doing, has made the following graphic possible:

Blue Peter Appeal

Okay, we are still a long way off our target of £1000 and we have only got twelve days to go until the campaign closes but at least we have started to move upwards again and hope has been reborn.

Perhaps you, dear reader, are one of the angels that are to follow. Perhaps you are, even now, considering clicking on the PayPal widget below and making your contribution to the cause. If you are, then consider no longer! Click on that button and send your support our way.

You can find out all about the campaign by CLICKING HERE but, basically, the BIG ASK in the title of this post is that you consider helping to keep the Saint Laika's ministry out there in the big, wide world of the internet by making a donation via the PayPal widget below. You do not need your own PayPal account to do this; just click on the donate button and follow the instructions. I will keep everyone informed of how the appeal is going with the help of the Blue Peter graphic. The more cash that comes this way the higher the little space dog will ascend up the madpriestometer.

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