Less Than Cooperative

My local Cooperative supermarket has a new cash machine. It's not much better than the old one. It still doesn't accidentally pay out lots more money than you ask for, which is an improvement I would have certainly insisted on if I was in charge. In fact, all that has really changed is that there are now more choices concerning what service you want, but they've even managed to make that less efficient than it was.

For example, three of the choices are "Cash Only" "Balance On Screen" and "Balance On Screen Plus Cash." Pretty straightforward you might think. Even a complete technophobe could work out which button to press. The Cooperative obviously doesn't think so. They must think their customers are cretins of the highest order because if you ask for Cash Only, instead of a page asking how much money you want, you get a page that asks you if you want to see your balance on screen. THIS IS EVEN THOUGH THERE IS THE OPTION FOR BALANCE AND CASH ON THE FIRST PAGE!!!

You know, money transactions were a lot quicker and a lot more efficient back in the old days when we didn't have all this technology that's supposed to make our lives somehow better and I wasn't half as stressed out as I am nowadays.


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