Losing The Race

We don't have white people and black people in England. We do have Muslims and Christians and a lot of people who are neither Muslim or Christian get mistakenly lumped in with the Muslims, but white and black in respect of race left our language quite a few years ago. Of course, this fact does not exactly reflect the truth of race relations in England and I'm sure it's still a lot easier to be white than black in my country. However, I think that the general refusal to identify people by the colour of their skin, especially in the media, has had a positive effect on race relations in England.

I would like to believe that this could happen one day in the USA but I very much doubt it will, at least not in the foreseeable future. I don't think this is just to do with the black white divide in that country, which obviously exists big time. I think it is due to a refusal on the part of pretty much all Americans to be a united people. Even after hundreds of years of living in their own, independent country, most Americans still cling on to the geographical identity of their ancestors (real or invented) in a way that only Jewish people manage to maintain in the rest of the world. Pride in something as accidental as your lineage is silly. If you must be proud, then be proud of something that you are personally responsible for achieving. There is nothing about being Scottish or of Scottish decent to be proud of or ashamed of. There is nothing in being white to be proud of or ashamed of and, of course, the same is true in respect of being black. We all absolutely need to acknowledge this so that we remove from our societies the concept of race and ancestry having worth and value.

The irony and tragedy is that the USA was founded on this ideal and yet is now, following the end of apartheid in South Africa, the most racially divided and "racist" country in the world. Racist because its citizens are obsessed with race - white, black, Irish, Swedish, Dutch, Jewish, Hispanic etc etc - anything but American, anything but human.



Losing The Race — 4 Comments

  1. MP, you can’t understand the USA context, w/o understanding that the USA was ***built on slavery*** (chattel slavery, generation after generation, of Africans and their descendents). It just doesn’t compute, to say “Well, in the UK…” For better or worse, the USA is not the UK.

    • I never said the USA was the UK. Northern Ireland is not South Africa but by copying how the South Africans got themselves out of the stalemate of apartheid they managed to move forward into a more peaceful situation. So stop being such a knee-jerk ass and actually read what I say instead of want you would like me to say so that you can get all offended.

  2. You have not life at all; do you do anything besides walk your dogs and complain about your former employers?

    • You may have a point. But I console myself with the fact that I am not an internet troll leaving bitter and snide comments on the blogs of people you hate because no matter how sad their lives are they are nowhere near as sad and ultimately meaningless as yours.