On Lord Bishops Etc.

I'm wondering that as Church of England priests are allowed to not accept the authority of female bishops on theological grounds if I would be allowed to not accept the authority of both female and male bishops on theological grounds.

Certainly Christ's commandment to his disciples not to lord it over each other is a lot more plain than the somewhat dubious ontological arguments used by the anti female bishop brigade to back up their position.

I mean if being a member of the House of Lords is not lording it over big time I don't know what is.


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  1. Your provocative comment makes a very important point, my friend. I didn’t watch the consecration yesterday – cathedral pageantry bores me to tears, and the time distance was a problem, not to mention finding a feed that worked internationally – but I sometimes think that for a tradition that claims to be alive to the symbolic, we can be pretty stupid sometimes. We can say that bishops are ‘servants of the servants of God’ until the cows come home, but while we continue to sit them on thrones, dress them in splendid robes and make clergy swear oaths of obedience to them, no one is going to believe us. If it looks like the Roman emperor, it’s probably the Roman emperor. As you said yesterday, what’s it all got to do with the teaching of Jesus? Absolutely nothing.